I masturbait allot! Should I stop and how?

Answer Start having threesomes with me and my lover. We will keep you too busy to masturbait.

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How to Tell the Difference Between Alot, Allot and A Lot?

A commonly made error in English is the mixing up of the words alot, allot and a lot. In fact, the word "alot" does not even exist. Read on to perfect your usage of these words.

Can you be pregnant and bleed a little then allot?

How do u allot a password to protect ur folder ?

go to and type in search folderlocker in freeware mode. and u download it. good computing vishal , who use it several years. dont have problem (if u make it private, everyone will see... Read More »

Drink allot of pepsi and fizzy drinks?

Quite possibly as you would be significantly reducing your calorie intake. If you miss it, why not try a diet option such ad Pepsi max?