I make address for my brother the can open?

Answer Yes you need a can opener if you want to open a can. If you want your brother to open the can, give him the opener. Quickly before you hurt yourself.

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How do you make your brother's girlfriend to stop sleeping on your bed and eating your food if you already told your brother?

Well honestly, you just need to tell her to get the heck out of your bed. That's not cool. She should sleep in your brother's bed or on the couch! feed her moldy food, or something equally as repu... Read More »

How do you address your mother's brother?

My brother busted his lip open at school earlier...?

It's nothing. A little Neosporin on it if you're worried about infection and he should be good :)

How to Open a Brother DCP-115C Scanner & Install an Ink Cartridge?

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