I made a fake facebook and made a girl fall inlove with me. I don't know what do do?

Answer just stop doing all those cute things that she likes and slowly start being an asshole and make her stop liking you. but whatever you do DO NOT insult her, just have an attitude and act like your n... Read More »

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Somebody made a fake facebook account of meplease i beg you help me...?

Can anyone trace my IP address back to my computer if i made a fake Facebook account?

Not that I am condoning false FB pages however : You can use a free vpn or proxy to hide your IP. Try downloading the "Stealth" plugin for Firefox. Cyberghost and Expatshield are also free, easy an... Read More »

How do I stop this girl I dont like from following me on facebook?

you just block her, and neither of you will ever be able to see anything the other does

How is fake fur made?

Fake fur is increasingly popular, as it conveys the elegance of real fur without the sacrifice of endangered species. In 1929, imitation fur was first made using hair from the alpaca, a South Ameri... Read More »