I made a complete fool of myself at the bar?

Answer Don't go back

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What celebrity made the biggest fool out of themselves?

Britney made a lot of bad choices this year. Bad girl. Bye! NIce Q u get a star.

Help!! Made a drunk fool of myself in front off all sorts of people!!?

Don't worry dude...we have all done at one time or another...

Who came to public notice singing a novelty song called you made a fool of myself over john foster dulles on the jack paar show in August of 1957 followed two years by a star turn in the Broadway sho?

How to Become a Fool?

Though a proverb says: "fools despise wisdom and discipline"—yet wisdom is supreme and to be desired above [many] other things. Wisdom gives light to the eyes, while foolishness causes blindness.... Read More »