I love the smell of a ciggarette, but i dont smoke.?

Answer yes, if you smell smoke then that means that you are breathing it. Breathing other people's smoke is called passive, involuntary or secondhand smoking. You have a 25% higher risk of getting lung ca... Read More »

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How do you get rid of the smell of ciggarette smoke?

I had a neighbor whose food smell always seeped into my apartment. It came through the kitchen fan as well as the bathroom fan. When I kept the fan on at all times, the scent couldn't get into my... Read More »

How do I get ciggarette smell (stale smoke) out of a leather coat?

You can apply light coats of Lysol- the "crisp linen" is a pleaseant smell- we use it in our restoration studio- the active ingredient in Lysol is great.

I have 2 roomates who smoke, I cant stand the smell any ideas on getting rid of that disgusting smell?

Move out. That stuff is going to kill you.

You dont drink dont smoke what do you do?

No..don't do that or you'll be a "Goody Two Shoes" Lol :))