I love sleeping... do you agree?

Answer I LOVE IT.:D i like the dreaming part ;)

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Do you agree that all mothers are so beautiful for the love and care they give their child?

Awwwe Thanks my dear friend. = ) . I understand what you mean- you have seen many moms that have that amazing love for there child. I guess some on this page have not seen or experianced that which... Read More »

I love smoking and don't give 2 hoots about all the tosspots on here who despise it..anyone agree?

"I smoke. If this bothers anyone, I recommend you look around the world in which we live, and... I don't know, shut your fu@king mouth?" -Bill Hicks"How much do you smoke, sir? Two packs a day, is... Read More »

RTV TELEVISION - Do you agree with this Poll I Guess Like Marmite You Either Love it Or Hate It?

Like any poll Sue it is not representative of everybody. Polls should be extensive and take a cross section of the population, be random not ask the opinions of the few and restricted to a certain... Read More »

How to Make Someone Agree to Something They Didn't Mean to Agree With?

Have you ever wanted to make a fool out of someone, or make them say something they didn't actually mean? Try this!