I love sandwiches, What is your favorite sandwich?

Answer Around Thanksgiving, I love to sautee turkey and leftover stuffing in butter then put it on toast with mayo and cranberry sauce.The rest of the time, I like Reubens (corned beef, 1000 Island or Rus... Read More »

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If you put two pieces of bread together and make a sandwich and cut it in half how many sandwiches do you have?

The answer I believe is very simple. It goes like this...... if you have 1 orange and cut it in half it wouldn't be considered having 2 oranges. It be considered as having to halves of an orange or... Read More »

What's your Favorite Sandwich to make, and what's your favorite sandwich to eat?

oh dude mine is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich it is awesome

What are your favorite sandwiches :) ?

me in the middle of two black women... like an oreo

What are your 3 favorite Sandwiches?

1) Tuna or salmon salad with lettuce...along with celery, and green onion, I always mix some finely diced pickles and canned corn into our tuna/salmon salad :)2) Peanut butter and jam...fool-proof!... Read More »