I love pork so much?

Answer I prefer cow & bird & fish but I will eat pig.

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Do you LOVE chicken, beef or pork?

How much protein is in pork?

The amount of protein in pork varies according to serving size and type of pork. A 1 oz. serving of pork (approximately 28g) contains 8g of protein, 47 calories and 1g of fat. While a boneless pork... Read More »

Im 13 dont have much clothes, money to buy them. but i love fashion soooooooo much!!!!!!! help me please :) ?

If you really like fashion, then you would know that it doesn't matter how many clothes you have, it's how well you can mix and match them.Get some basic pieces:-white shirt-striped shirt-floral to... Read More »

You are in love with a female coworker who in fact she has no idea that you love her as much as you do How do you tell her with out ruining your work relationship and your reputation at work?

This is a tricky situation. Is she dating someone else? If so, be respectful and back off. You wouldn't like to be in that other guy's shoes, would you? It's possible that she may see your relatio... Read More »