I love photography and I want to get started but...?

Answer To get started in Photography you do not need the best camera around. First of all, until you know what area of photography interest you the most you can't make a decision on the best camera as the... Read More »

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Who started Kirlian photography?

Kirlian photography is generally said to have originated with the work of a pair of Soviet scientists, Semyon and Valentina Kirlian, beginning around 1939.

How to Get Started in Digital Photography?

Have you ever seen great pictures that people in your family have taken and wondered how they got that good of an image? Have you ever looked at your pictures and been completely unsatisfied? After... Read More »

How to Get Started in Infrared Photography?

Have you ever thought about taking an Infrared- or IR- Photograph with your digital camera? Are you a bit confused or unsure about what you need to do? This article will help you take the first ste... Read More »

How to Get Started With Instant Photography?

When most people think back to the days of instant photography, they remember the days of bulky Polaroid cameras and generally low-quality snapshots. They feel, perhaps, a twinge of nostalgia and t... Read More »