I love a girl who's not a vegetarian, but i am, what should i do?

Answer This is obviously a hurdle in your relationship, whatever that is, with this girl. If you can't overcome it, then there is really no point in going any further is there? Funny thing is maybe she i... Read More »

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How do you go about adopting a baby girl whos the daughter of friend?

Whos swiching to bluray and whos not?

I'm not upgrading yet. It's too expensive. They claim that the bluray player will still play normal DVDs but if that's the case I'll just buy my husband a PS3. Bluray isn't supposed to scratch o... Read More »

Should I go vegetarian I love animals?

Most animals that are slaughtered for our meats are done humanely so don't let that affect your decisions.It will not kill you to go to vegetarian but study it, to find what you must eat to replace... Read More »

I want to be vegetarian, but I love meat?

Switch slowly by eating some meat meals and add some vegetarian meals.Over time you'll collect more and more favorite vegetarian dishes to add to your diet.When you gather enough tasty alternatives... Read More »