I love Armenian rugs with brownish orengish color... What is your choice of color for a rug?

Answer Midnight Blue

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What is a good color sofa for a brownish wall?

You have to look at the undertones of the brown paint on the wall. If they are warm undertones (reddish brown or orangish brown) then look for a sofa in cream or rust. If the undertones are cool ... Read More »

What color eye shadow would look good with brownish tannish skin?

im half indian and half canadian so our skin is probably really close. i usually use a shimmery gold thats reely sheer but verry pretty umm wut color are your eyes? mine are brown so purple and ar... Read More »

What color bath rugs can i use for a black and white bathroom?

Since, there seems to be more white than black. i would go with another dark or rich color. Like a red. just about anything will go with white. You just need a color that will match up with the bl... Read More »

How to Make a Heavy Duty Cleaner for Color Fast Rugs?

Out, out, ever-widening spot! This is an easy method for making your own natural content cleaner that works well with color fast rugs.