I lost the microphone for my tape recorder?

Answer the model # doesn't tell us the make. Try radio shack (the Source), they have lots of generic parts.

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Which Sound Recorder for my clip-on Microphone?

It depends on your needs. I like the Zoom H2 because in addition to the built-in mics and external mic connection, the manual audio gain control and other features come in handy. Some folks are sat... Read More »

What is the best hidden microphone/recorder set Advice?

digital audio recorder:…

Is there a tape recorder or?

I'd buy a basic stethoscope and attach the tubing to a small microphone. Take pictures while making the recording. If your camera can record movies with sound, just tape the end of the tubing in pl... Read More »

Can a dvd recorder copy a vhs tape?

Yes. DVD recorders can copy VHS tapes in real time, according to Ask Leo. You only need to hook up a VHS player to the DVD recorder, and play the tape after pressing record on the DVD unit.Source:A... Read More »