I lost the microphone for my tape recorder?

Answer the model # doesn't tell us the make. Try radio shack (the Source), they have lots of generic parts.

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Which Sound Recorder for my clip-on Microphone?

It depends on your needs. I like the Zoom H2 because in addition to the built-in mics and external mic connection, the manual audio gain control and other features come in handy. Some folks are sat... Read More »

What is the best hidden microphone/recorder set Advice?

digital audio recorder:…

Can a VHS and a DVD recorder still tape TV?

Yes, DVD recorders and VHS recorders can still tape TV. DVD recorders can record clear and crisp images. VHS tape recorders can also record television programs, but the images do not produce the ... Read More »

Is there a tape recorder or?

I'd buy a basic stethoscope and attach the tubing to a small microphone. Take pictures while making the recording. If your camera can record movies with sound, just tape the end of the tubing in pl... Read More »