I lost my voice what can i do to ?

Answer Don't talk.(Witch I know can be hard for some of us.)Drink lots of hot tea.don't do to many physical activities that make you out of breath.Take a cough drop every once and a while.Hope I helped! :)

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I just lost my voice What to do?

DO NOT TRY TO TALK AT ALL ... seriously, get a tablet and a pencil and WRITE everything you want to say ... and do this for at least a week then 'test' your voice ... if it's not 'back to normal' t... Read More »

My throat is soooo dry and i lost my voice...what can I do?

Hi! I am a nurse.Drink plenty of fluids, (not pop) Orange juice, gatorade, if you smoke, don't,You can suck on some drops, like sucrets, ricola, halls, etc,If you start to develop a fever, go to ... Read More »

I lost my voice. What can I do to get it to come back quickly?

Try to avoid talking very much. DEFINATELY avoid shouting, screaming and singing - Make sure you don't need to shout by moving close to the people you're talking to, turning off the TV/radio/stereo... Read More »

I LOST MY VOICE :( how do i fix it?

Try to avoid cold stuff like ice cream...ESPECIALLY ice cream. Try like hot chicken noodle soup. Drink hot chocolate, tea, gargle warm salt water, drink medicine for like a cold and stuff like that... Read More »