I lost my v around 3 hours ago and i am still bleeding?

Answer To the first comment, no you are not probably pregnant, pregnancy symptoms do not occur that quickly. Nor does ovulation usually occur at the end of your period. Sometimes sex after a period can ag... Read More »

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I just lost a part of my tooth what should I do its bleeding anyway to stop the bleeding?

first aid for a broken tooth is to put it in a cool glass of water, NOT MILK IT WILL DISOLVE THE NERVES ON YOUR TOOTH SO IT CAN"T BE CEMENTED BaCK ON and go to the emergency room. also, you may wan... Read More »

Do you ever get lost on Wikipedia for hours and hours on end?

No. The longest time I've ever spent on Wikipedia has been to try to track down who put in a given falsehood. The task is rather tiresome, and sometimes your efforts are only rewarded with a crypti... Read More »

I cut my finger 13 hours ago and it is still bleeding what do I do?

I have never heard of a cut being too old for stitches---besides, many clinics don't use 'em much anymore---they use a type of glue. If you really want to avoid a clinic, 1}Use peroxide soak for a ... Read More »

Lost my virginity and lots of bleeding ?