I lost my retainers and this is the first time i ever lost it?

Answer I "lost" mine and I just never told my orthodontist. Most likely, your insurance won't cover the cost of new ones because you lost them without a reasonable excuse. If you just can't find them, the... Read More »

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I lost my retainers HELP!!?

It depends on your orthodontist. Regardless, you have to have them to keep your teeth straight, so just go ahead and call them. The sooner you do it, the less opportunity your teeth have to move ar... Read More »

What was the name of the Lost In Space episode clearly patterned after Anastasia when one of the Robinson girls is confused with a lost princess?

"Princess of Space" ; aired in the third season of Lost in Space .

What are some methods to locate a long-lost adoptive father who lost custody of a child who is now an adult?

Your due date is today you lost your mucus plug this morning and lost some more with blood a little bit ago you were 2 cm 50 last week will you go into labor soon?

AnswerNormally, loosing your m/p does indicate that changes are occurring in your cervix. It can also be due to sex. Some women loose theirs early due to several reason and their bodies "grow" anot... Read More »