I lost my printer's usb chord, PLEASE HELP!?

Answer USB cords are all, basically, the same. You need an A to B cable, like this one:

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Printers please help people who are smart?

Hi FlashThat is no probloem, open the printer and remove the paper. I would buy another brand of paper because if you put cheap thin paper in a printer, it happens that their is a paper jam etc....... Read More »

Please help! My dad has lost sight in one eye!?

There is an issue here that is bigger than the vision he has already lost. Your father is shedding plaque from somewhere. There is no telling where the next piece will go. You need to support him i... Read More »

I lost my retainer please help!!!?

Retrace your step and call your ortho maybe they can talk with your mom

Lost all my fb messages please help?

I don't think you'll ever get them again! Sorry, it's bad news, but if you keep trying to reload it and it still doesn't show, try to access facebook through something else like a computer, tablet ... Read More »