I lost my phone in school i have a phone lock and i guees the stoler turned it off what do i do asap?

Answer Stoler? Oh you mean THIEF? What's the lesson here? Report the phone as STOLEN and the cell company can terminate service and put it on the hot list. It's not going to help you recover it, but ... Read More »

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I lost my Phone it is dead i need to get it asap?

i'm sorry but theres really nothing you can do except retrace your steps of every where you have been and look

Is there any way I can unlock my metro pcs phone start-up lock code I have already tried all 4 123 etc... and even tried the last four of my phone number. Please help?

The answer is 00000. Thanks 000000 worked for me. I got a new htc ( i was going to get the blackberry ) cell phone and I could not figure out how to unlock it for MetroPCS or Cricket. I spent about... Read More »

How to Reset the Phone Lock on a Samsung SGH-T309 Cell Phone?

When your Samsung SGH-T309 cell phone's "Phone Lock" feature is enabled, the phone is locked and can't be used until you type in a four to eight-digit password every time the phone is turned on. Pe... Read More »

My mam is being cold with me and I don't why but it might be because I had a text on my phone calling her a bitch and it just so happens that i lost my phone in my house. What should I do?