I lost my leg. Please help me get my life back!?

Answer Um any injury that's permanent will take adjusting too. I would just try and be a regular teenager hang out with friends, go shopping, stuff like that. Your life probably wont be the same but it wi... Read More »

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I'm back to the TTC section.. I lost my baby yesterday. Please help...?

First off I am sooo sorry for your loss...I lost my baby girl also. November 1, 2007. At 35wks and 6 days. And it was due to major infection also. Which we had no clue about. I went into labor on h... Read More »

I've lost my zest for life, How to get it back?

Have you ever considered looking into a hobby, say... SMASHING METEORS TO BITS?

Ok so I lost 30 lbs in 2.5 months I would like to gain it back ASAP . HELP , HELP!?

Soda pop will fatten you up pretty fast, & is a lot cheaper than what you suggest. You could be obese in just a few months with as little as a 32 oz drink per day.


Go to History then "show in sidebar" or use CTRL + H, then find the url or type a portion of it in the search box, right click and delete if you're using firefoxif you're using IE click on the hist... Read More »