I lost my id card.... to get into clubs can i use my scanned copy?

Answer You have to get a new one

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Reducing the size of scanned copy?

Scan it again, and use a different compression method when you save it to a file. For a black and white document consisting of text, JPEG is the wrong codec to use. Any of the CCITT fax codecs wo... Read More »

How to Copy a Small Image on a Scanned Document?

Here is a quick and easy way to copy a small part of a scanned document in Microsoft Paint.

If I scandocument, is there ANY way at all I can edit the scanned copy?

If it's a TEXT document to start with, use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software the scanner came with (99% come with something, but if not GOOGLE for free OCR software) and then import ... Read More »

How do I copy a scanned document to Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Office Document ImagingIn Windows Vista, go to "Start" and click "Control Panel." Open "Programs," then "Programs and Features." Right-click "Microsoft Office" or "Microsoft Word 2007" an... Read More »