I lost 3.2 kgs in 3 weeks. Is that good?

Answer Yeah,losing 2 lbs a week is normal,so your doing good,keep it up!

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Any tv series like LOST and PRISON BREAKi watched heroes,dexter,wakling dead ...all good but not like lost?

I love Lost and Prison Break :DI really enjoyed 'Alcatraz'. It was cancelled after one season :( also like this new sh... Read More »

I lost over 140 pounds in just two weeks. Do you want to know how I did it?

At how many weeks do you lose your mucus plug and how can you tell you lost it?

The amount of weeks depends. You will lose it when you go into, or shortly before you go into labor. You will only be able to tell if you've lost it, when you see it. Other than that, you cant real... Read More »

You are 36 weeks and dilated to 2 cm and you just lost your mucous plug how long until you deliver?

i would say not long at all!!!!!!!!so hurry up and get tothe hospital girl.... my water didnt break until i got ther and it was 2hr later my son was born.. are you having contractions?