I log out of the gifture app and now I can't log back in?

Answer check your username and password...:O

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Im on my roof and the latter fell down so i cant get back down. how can iget back down?

jump tuck and roll out of it had that happen to me once hurt like hell when i hit the ground and rolled though must not have landed right

Cant convince my doctor my back is bad what can i do?

Your doctor could be right, it could be the way your sitting or your matress, or lack of excercise.You need to find out when your back hurts more.If its in the mornings then its your bed, you will ... Read More »

I removed a widget from my blogger and now i cant put it back?

Just check your Side Bar widgets... Sometimes Pages widget is placed there, you just have to drag & drop it to top of Blog Posts & below header

If child protective services took a child from the non custodial mother could the father have him back the mother claims he cant have him back either the grandmother has him and says the same thing?

Answer can father get child....... As long as the fathers right have not been taken away or he wasn't involved in the reason he was taken he can get him back.