I live on the swiss-french border and want to send stuff to england for christmas. would it be cheaper to send?

Answer EU doesn't come into it. It depends on the national carrier, and their tarrifs for international mailSwiss -…French - in French, wh... Read More »

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How do I Send Flowers to England for a Funeral?

The sending of flowers for a funeral service has become a tradition throughout much of the world. Flowers can now be sent easily between continents via the Internet, using a credit card.

Can you send a personal check to England?

You can send personal U.S. dollar checks to England, but U.K. banks charge high fees to process international checks. Lloyds Bank is one of several U.K. banks that will accept international checks... Read More »

How do you send text messages to England?

Answer When sending text messages to England you must use the country code i.e. 0044 and remove the first zero from the telephone number. Example - telephone number in England is 07745689, you wil... Read More »

When i send my friend in usa a webcam from england would it work on there pc?