I live in the tropics. In my household of four, I'm the only male.?

Answer No, gender doesn't play a part at all. They obviously like the taste of your blood. ...................

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How to Live in a Multi Dog Household?

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Can you put a child that does not live in your household onto your automobile insurance?

Answer Double check with your insurance agent, but I think you can. I believe you can add ANY licensed driver to your policy, although it may cost more. (Businesses, for example, frequently insure ... Read More »

Are live flowers considered household goods?

According to many moving companies, live plants are not household goods and are on the list of items they will not ship not only because they are perishable--often there are regulations prohibiting... Read More »

Do you have to live in the same household to have another person on your auto insurance?

Answer No. I had a friend who shared the car insurance with me and he used to live in another county.