I live in Rochester,ny. Where can I find a place that serves an irish breakfast?

Answer I think you should search with Google.

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I live in Temple Texas and am looking for any place that serves piaya within 75 miles of me?

Have you asked at this place?…Or this one?…

In Atlanta, where can I find a restaurant that serves good siopao?

Eurasia Bistro - 129 East Ponce De Leon AvenueNam Vietnamese - 931 Monroe Drive N.E. (Midtown Promenade)Bluepoint - 3455 Peachtree RoadChoptstix - 4279 Roswell RoadSweet Lime - 1128 Euclid AveAll o... Read More »

Where can you go to hear live music and eat an upscale dinner in MD DC or VA. Even a lounge will do that serves dinner.?

Гостиная(комната) Gos-ti-na-ya( if room) Диван( если мебель) Di-va-n (if Furniture)

Is there any place in San Antonio that serves delicacies?

What kind of delicacies?? Just about every food place serves some sort of delicacy.Do you mean delis? There's Jason's Deli, Schilo's Delicatessen, Guillermo's, Nadler's Bakery & Deli, etc.