I live in Bangkok and in my condo the director serve 2 terms is he allow to serve the 3 terms?

Answer Your governing documents will give you the answer you want. They may be the only place where you can find the answer to your question, unless there are other laws in Bangkok that rule on the number... Read More »

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How many terms can a Chief Justice of Indiana serve?

Yes for six months after leaving office and the President would get 10 years clinton is the last to get prtection for life.

What to do when condo president signs any contract having terms in contradiction of the bylaws?

If you are an owner, you can send a letter to the board that quotes the by-law being violated, and detail exactly how the contract violates the section. Ask that the board present its reasons, rati... Read More »

Can a spouse not on the deed serve on the condo board in New York State?

Your governing documents will state precisely what status is required in order to be a voting member of the association. Usually, only voting members can serve on boards.If the spouse is not a co-o... Read More »

For how many years can a person serve on a condo board of directors in Florida?

Regardless of the state where the property is located, the governing documents spell out the term of each board member. After a term expires, it's necessary to be re-elected, in order to continue t... Read More »