I like to game and watch videos. I will also use it to take notes. I want an android tablet or an ipad. Which tablet is best for me?

Answer Screen Size: 3.5 Inches Screen Resolution: 480 x 320 pixels

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Does iPad 2 tablet and android tablet have sim cards?

iPad 2 works with AirPrint printers. These are printers built for your iPad and iPhone but they can print also any other document from any other computer. These printers are all wireless! You can'... Read More »

Ipad 3 vs android tablet?

My friend has the HP touchpad, its 9 inches long. Its not retina, buts it does do what you need. I don't like the app store because it only has 7 thousand apps, compared to 650 thousand from the ap... Read More »

What is better Apple iPad 2 or android tablet?

You should get a laptop if you are a gamer. If you play for Instance if you play Wizard 101 then you re able to download it on your computer. If you like apps and music the Ipad is definetly for yo... Read More »

Is an Apple iPad better than an Android tablet?

It depends on your preference. Personally I think that the apple ipad is better, but you should go to the store and try out both products to see which you like best.