I like this girl, how do I get her to like me back?

Answer Rape her jkjkjk

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Do girl like guys who dress like this?

For me personally it is not a look I would like. However, asking if girls in general like that sort of thing you're ruining your own answer. All girls are different and like different things. Howev... Read More »

How to Get a Girl You Like to Like You Back?

Are you having trouble getting a girl to like you? Here are some steps to help.

How to Get the Girl You Like to Like You Back?

Girls are not the easiest people to read, but once you get in their comfort zone, they are sure to tell you how they feel. Girls tend to express their emotions, and it is the guy's responsibility t... Read More »

What was the show from years back where this girl washed up on the shore and had like demonic powers and she didn't know what to do about it.?

There have been many occasions when they possible have. The Bermuda Triangle sometimes is thought to be a wormhole that forms on earth every once and a while. That can explaine the radio communicat... Read More »