I like the smell of stinky feet, is that weird?

Answer Since this is in the food section, let me ask this:Does anyone else think that Fritos smell like feet?

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How to Remove Stinky Feet Smell?

Foot odor is a serious problem for some people. A combination of perspiration and bacteria can cause an odor that can be quite embarrassing. Not only is this odor on feet, but in shoes and socks as... Read More »

Is it weird to like the smell of sweat?

Its not weird I like the smell of my sweat but I don't like ANYBODY elses SWEAT smell.If it is someone elses sweat smell it is so sick

What is that weird smell that some brand new electronics have?

Hi thereOften appliances are packaged in plastic bags , and it can be from the bags , or the plastics in the device themselves that can gas out., leading to a strong odour.In electronics manufactur... Read More »

A weird smell coming form my kids closet. It smells like someone is dying their hair.?…that has some very specific information on causes of ammonia smell (hair dye smell) interestingly the smell ***Spoiler alert*** ended up being a burning p... Read More »