I like snacks do you?

Answer my fav snack is the triple chocolate meltdown at applebees

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Do you guys like asian snacks?

Wasabi peanuts and salted edamame go great with beer.

What do you eat instead of unhealthy snacks like potatoe chips?

cycle these through your week:carrotscelery with salt sprinkled on them (just like chips)radishesbananagumcucumberstomatosassorted nutsbanana chips (like the plaintain ones but be careful because s... Read More »

Tortilla Chips A Banana Or a Twix Candy Bar Which of these snacks do you like better?

tortilla chips.. i like salty over sweet.

Ritz Crackers Peanuts Or BBQ Corn Chips Which of these Snacks do you like better?

Ritz crackers!:) you have really good Questions! :)