I learnt "VOIP" is free of charge is this true or just scam?

Answer its, true!! but there are two different kind of VoIP....the real VoIP, you gotta vonage, packet8 and all other broadband services.....the free ones are actually SIP ....where both parti... Read More »

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I got an email, is it a scam or is it true?

I would look into it a little more.... how would they get your e-mail?!?!?!?! Can you ask around your family to see if they know?!?!? I would think they would call or write... not so much e-mail

Freelotto true/scam?

Actually I believe they are trying to sign you up for auto-play that will play the numbers you pick everyday for something like $9.00 a month. I have been playing for a long time, not using the aut... Read More »

Where can i find free voip calls?

VoIP calls are not really free, but SIP calls skype, mindspring, and yahoo PC to PC!!!

Hey, can anyone help me use my account with any free VoIP or SIP softphone?

To setup up your PBXes account for use with any VoIP or SIP softphone visit PBXes forum community. They have discussions going on there for any PBX related questions. Or try this solution:1. Downlo... Read More »