I learnt "VOIP" is free of charge is this true or just scam?

Answer its, true!! but there are two different kind of VoIP....the real VoIP, you gotta vonage, packet8 and all other broadband services.....the free ones are actually SIP ....where both parti... Read More »

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My PC just gave me pornography notice. Is this a scam or what?

Relax!Your Microsoft Windows is just a dumb operating system, it CANNOT possiblily know where you have browsed to. Nor does it care. Microsoft doesn't care either; all they care about is profits. Y... Read More »

I just heard facebook has a dislike button is this real or a scam?

it's not just a scam - it's a virus that is going around. DO NOT click on anything. If someone has posted this on your page Delete itIt's been all over the press around the worldhttp://communities.... Read More »

Is this 'free mac book air' a scam (facebook ad)! help!!!!?

yes you cheap bastarddo you really think apple would want to give away a FREE productthey have their ipods break in a year so you could buy another one because in that time they end up coming out w... Read More »

''free laptop scam''...this will help us all on here...have a quick read...?

That's a laugh you got one as an answer! Yes and they piss me off as well. I've been on and on to Yahoo to have Moderators on here so they can get them off as soon as they appear!