I know you guys are gonna tell me to get with it but...?

Answer Basically decide whether to print or not to print at home. I'd recommend a CD writer and just take the CD to an outside printer.Or even cheaper yet, - just get a thumb drive (USB flash disk) and o... Read More »

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I an gonna be a freshmen in high school wht do u GUYS think?

I couldn't view your picture, but let me tell you this, you don't want a guy who just likes you just for your looks. Even though I couldn't get to your picture, I promise you that you will look bea... Read More »

What do you think is gonna happened to that Boston Bomber survivor is he gonna have sentences then released?

He will never see freedom again. If he doesn't get the death sentence, he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

What is the last song played in the Hills Episode It's her move Some of the lyrics are We're both gonna loose. we're both gonna win tonight because its time to say goodbye...?

On what series did a female college student work for SD-6 good guys until it turned out they were part of the Alliance of Twelve bad guys at which point she joined the CIA good guys more or le?