I know this is stupid but i am not good with computers what is a web address?

Answer look at the top of this page, there is a long white area with something like this…that is a specific code word to find this information! always br... Read More »

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I know this is a stupid question, but do you always have the same IP address, or is it different every time?

Hello Frenzy,this is an smart question. Your IP address settings are given t you by your ISP(Internet Service Provider) and going to depend whether your account has been set to a Static or Dynamic ... Read More »

Can anyone good with computers tell me if this is a good PC to buy................?

Im sure that RAM is really really bad you want 1gb minimum nowadays, that is 4 times more than 256mb

I know this is stupid but what key is a heifin i think that's how you spell it ?

The hyphen is on the top row, between 0 and =. You don't need the shift key. Shift + - is the underscore _If you type is without spaces either side, it's called a hyphen. If you use spaces either s... Read More »

I know this is stupid but...?

Drinking water and holding my breath usually work for me. But when you hold your breath, take a deep breath, force your diaphragm way out (you'll look like you have a basketball in your belly) and... Read More »