I know this is gross but...?

Answer Hi,8 days is a long time.I eat loads of oranges.Last year i went nearly 2 weeks with out going.In the end I had to call the doctor out & had to have an enima.If you can go & see your doctor if not ... Read More »

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I know this sounds gross,but why does everyones belly button smell?

OK so I know this is kind of gross, but the fingernail that I locked in the truck door about 10 days ago is?

Hi Nan, The attachment at the cuticle is what's crucial. If it's completely detatched from there you can remove it. In fact I think you SHOULD remove it, or take the risk of catching it on somethin... Read More »

I know this is gross, but I cant pass a hard stool . What should I do. It is almost ready to pass but cant!?

If you are to the point where you sit on the toilet and are straining hard and can feel the stool trying to come out then you are past the point of stool softeners and other things helping.What it ... Read More »

Is this gross?

SOME people have HUGE foot phobias.. Cant even hear people talk about their feet.. I say, phuck umm.. You wernt doing anyting wrong really.. Maybe you should have gone in the bathroom but then agai... Read More »