I know this is a silly question but i really don't know the answer?

Answer It is most likely that the Modem Dell are offering is the standard 56K dial up modem.If you have broadband you should not need this to connect to the Internet.However this modem will only add a ver... Read More »

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I know I'm so idiot, but can you please answer this question?

i eat bagels with cream cheese,cereal,pancakes,yogurt,milk, dingdongs anything light!

IF YOU KNOW THIS ANSWER - YOU'RE GENIUS...question to follow!?

Acorn bank Gardens, near Penrith. Must be a crossword in your local paper your solving ,or trying to.

Can you get a customized cordoroy blazer made anywhere for you I really want to know this answer!?

First start with a local tailor. Some can make custon clothes. Also look in your yellow pages for clothiers or tailors. Put an ad on maybe

I have this really mini skirt and i dont know what to wear under it GIRLS ONLY PLEASE?