I know that eating too much toothpaste can be fatal, but how much is too much?

Answer If you're having it for breakfast, dinner and tea that's too much. It's important to have a balanced diet. However, I do recommend Arm and Hammer washed down with a lovely glass of Original Listeri... Read More »

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This is not a joke! eating toothpaste....?

It sounds like you have PICA. Try taking iron supplements. The reason gum and mints don't help is that it is not so much the flavor you crave as it is the texture. Its a psychological manifestation... Read More »

Is it true that eating prawns shortly after taking vitamin C will cause arsenic acid to form in the body and create a potentially fatal situation?

Answer No, it's not true. It's an urban legend that has been going around the internet and is not based in fact. See the related link below for a site that talks about the history of this fake email.

Does toothpaste with whitener whiten teeth more than regular toothpaste?

On One Hand: There Might Be Some ChangeMany studies have been performed on whitening toothpastes and some indicate a minimal change in tooth color. In 2006, a Consumer Reports study resulted in a s... Read More »

Is brushing your teeth without toothpaste as effective as with toothpaste?

AnswerPractically yes, if you discount the beneficial effects of fluoride. AnswerYes, it is basically the same. There are lots of arguments against fluoride, too. Everything I have read so far, by... Read More »