I know most respectable people here already do?

Answer You are right about ignoring them. And don't fret about not ignoring them sooner; we all go through that phase where we think if we yell at them enough, *put them in their place,* or break things ... Read More »

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How to Be Mysterious when People Already Know You?

Do you go to a school where everyone knows who you are? Are you craving to have some privacy and mystery in your life? Then read on!

What do most people on here do for a living?

I know this has been done to death...but how many people recognise you here?

I know you! If anyone knows me, it's probably from my old account that just got deleted. I am bitter so I'll be bringing this up for days :)EDIT: Ahhh, I keep forgetting I can't do thumb ups!!! Dam... Read More »

Isn't it interesting that most people here have NOT been adopted from foster care.....?

You mean because most of the adoptees on this forum are from international or infant adoptions? Yes, it is quite interesting. Especially when you add in the "angry, bitter" label. Interesting...