I know it gets asked alot but... MacBook or Dell?

Answer I will preface this by saying that I am a certified Apple and Dell technician. Either computer will work out perfectly for you, but to be honest, price IS an issue. If you are limited to $1300, get... Read More »

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Dell or Macbook (apple)?

You like buying software off the shelf that will run on your computer? You like gaming? Youd better stick with the Dell if either of these apply because you cant on a Mac!

How to print on a dell printer with a macbook pro?

Check on the Dell website, my friend, to see if there are Mac OS drivers available for your printer.If there are, make sure that the drivers are for the same version of Mac OS that you're using on ... Read More »

15" Macbook Pro vs Dell Latitude E6530?

Both pretty similar, If one is drastically cheaper then go for that. I have used both macs and pc's and find PC's to be much more cost efficient for the speed and performance that you get out of th... Read More »

Dell Inspiron or Apple Macbook?