I know i have an eating disorder- who should i tell?

Answer Ok. Recently, i had been admitted as an inpatient to a hospital because my heart rate was too low and my blood pressure dropped alot. I have lost around 50 lbs in a couple of months by exercise and... Read More »

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How to Tell Whether or Not You Have a Minor Eating Disorder?

Most people have some sort of insecurities whether it's their height or acne, weight or size, but some teenagers, especially younger women and teenagers can become so obsessed with the things they ... Read More »

How to Tell Your Parents You Have an Eating Disorder?

You have identified your behavior as that of an eating disorder. You are ready to address this with the help of a counselor. It's time to tell your parents.

I have an eating disorder and getting a blood test done - should I not eat before it?

Heey, if your getting blood work done then i do recommend you eat. You don't have to eat tons of food but just eat a proper proportion of food because sometimes when your blood pressure is low you ... Read More »

How to Spot an Eating Disorder in Someone You Know?

Eating Disorders are characterized as an unhealthy obsession with food - whether it is an aversion or addiction. The following article will help you identify if someone you know has an eating disor... Read More »