I know d*** well that I have a 512 MB memory module in my pc?

Answer you have to open up your CPU to see the modules. some of the memory is used to generate video so that PC does not count that so you will most likely never see complete memory listed with most of th... Read More »

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How to Get a Guy That Doesn't Know You Well to Like You?

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Homeopathic Medicines Where can I find them in U.S.A and EU Any Stores as Well as Websites that u know of ?

Here are the results of my search, I wont know any stores not being in USA or EU but I found quite a lot of sites selling Homeopathic Medicine here are the links :- Read More »

What is a memory module?

A memory module, also known as a RAM module, RAM stick or simply RAM, is a single physical unit of random access memory (RAM); many computers have more than one memory module installed.FunctionA me... Read More »