I know a child with leukemia cancer and I had a question about it. read additional details for question?

Answer Sorry but the answer to your question is ;; NO Its so sad for the parents and the little boy

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An odd question regarding an old incision scar (please see additional details)?

It's virtually impossible for a surgical incision to pop open after a year of being completely healed. The effects of trauma often look different when scar tissue is involved. What you have is a br... Read More »

What is a radio tour Please read the additional details?

In general (not always exclusively) a radio tour is when an artist or band travels around the country, visiting radio stations along the way.Generally this is done for the purpose of interviews and... Read More »

Myspace custom details section -details in question.?

alot of the sites that have "layout designs' & 'custom backgrounds' also have "contact tables". Just liek you do with the background, you select a design youlike and copy the code and paste it in ... Read More »

I have asked a question about cancer. My next question is; is there life after death?