I keep waking up every night between 3am - 4am. Is it a disease?

Answer 3am? U must surely watch " The Exorcism of Emily Rose" ... Just kidding, for a second, u freaked me out. Well Son, There are many reasons . If it has been happening for a month, then it is that you... Read More »

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Why do I keep waking up at 3am every morning?

You have something that is bothering you that needs to be resolved.Usually, this kind of pattern is known to pre-date depression, so do take care of it.I am assuming here that you did not change th... Read More »

What might be the cause of me waking up the same time every night pleease HELP ME?

I have runs of doing that myself. What I've learned through years of trial and error is that when I find myself in one of those "spells" I turn the clock where I can't see the face of it. That wa... Read More »

Why do I keep on waking up with mucus in my throat, every single morning?

Mucous is what the body uses to clean itself, and most people need all they can get. Uneducated people think milk causes it, but milk has nothing to do with mucous. Mucous is stimulated by vitamin ... Read More »

I keep waking up in the night with cramp in my calf muscle.?

Not sure exactly the cause but drinking tonic water that contains quinnine is supposed to help. Eating bananas too.