I keep throwing up water !!! HELP!?

Answer You sound pretty sick, tell your parents. Sip water by the teaspoon full if you need to instead from a cup.You really need to see a doctor, because it sounds like you have an infection.Good luck, ... Read More »

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How to Keep a Dog From Throwing Up?

Anytime the wellness of your pet diminishes and continues for more than a few days, contact your veterinarian. Here are things to consider before you get there.

Why does my cat keep throwing up?

A vomiting cat is not always a sign of a serious health problem. Sometimes it's due to a disagreeable stomach, a hairball or playing too vigorously after eating. But sometimes it is a sign of somet... Read More »

I keep throwing up after i eat or sleep?

Best thing to do would be to search a doctor immediately.Since you've not provided a lot of info, I cannot help further.-Sleepy.

Why Does My Dog Keep Throwing Up Yellow Bile?

Dogs vomit for many reasons. It can be a sign of illness, stress or overeating. It also may just be regurgitation, which is defined as a passive process. During regurgitation, a dog may just bend h... Read More »