I keep getting this random installation window?

Answer it looks like some program you tried to install, and it didn't get installed successfully. or some program trying to update itself.It "MOST PROBABLY" (it being keyword) is not virus. viruses don't ... Read More »

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I keep getting random holes appearing in my clothes, what could be causing it?

I had this, it was a bra wire stuck under the drum that kept poking through and ripping holes in my clothes, or could be a bra wire that is sticking out through the bra when washing.

ITouch help! I keep getting the "This video can't be played on this iPod" error, anyone know to deal with this?

Hey MC.Yep, you need to convert your videos. I recommend that you download the latest version, but you can try it with your current one. All you need to do is click the video and go up to the tab m... Read More »

I keep getting this message. is it a virus and how do i get rid of it ?

My IE and Firefox ganna too. But Chrome no issue.Can Someone call the CEO of Singtel? This is disruption to work and will cause our GDP to fall!Btw, how can they send pop-up messages to us without ... Read More »

Why do i keep getting this boil/cyst?

You need to see your doctor for advice on what you are dealing with. Unfortunately, cysts have a membrane that usually must be completely surgically removed or they will come back over and over again.