I keep getting this random installation window?

Answer it looks like some program you tried to install, and it didn't get installed successfully. or some program trying to update itself.It "MOST PROBABLY" (it being keyword) is not virus. viruses don't ... Read More »

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Window 7 installation help!!!?

What operating system did it come with OS?Windows 7 should already be installed.If you have a disk it is only to reinstall OS incase something goes wrong.

Car Window Installation Tips?

If either of your car's windows are cracked or broken, you will need to install new glass. The window glass is contained within a regulator inside of the door that controls the window as it moves u... Read More »

How much does window installation cost?

The cost to install windows can range from $300 to $700 per window if the frame is intact. If a frame is damaged, the cost can rise up to 50 percent more per window because the window will need to ... Read More »

Car Window Installation Instructions?

If you find your car door window broken, you can save some money by repairing the damage yourself. Just handle the spare glass carefully and follow the steps below. It will be helpful to have the s... Read More »