I keep getting this message. is it a virus and how do i get rid of it ?

Answer My IE and Firefox ganna too. But Chrome no issue.Can Someone call the CEO of Singtel? This is disruption to work and will cause our GDP to fall!Btw, how can they send pop-up messages to us without ... Read More »

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I keep getting this error message...?

It would have been helpful to know which Windows OS version your are using and at what update level. Also, the actual program you are attempting to run.Has this program ever run successfully on yo... Read More »

I keep getting a message saying " cannot find %windows\Mrshield.exe. what is this and what does it mean thank?

It is the remnant of a virus infection. Apparently when the virus was detected and deleted the reference to it was not removed from the registry. You should run your antivirus program on full sca... Read More »

I keep getting a message on my computer that says...?

If your hotmail account has been blocked or hacked, you can get help at Hotmail account was blocked last thursday, but I got it working normally on saturday with their... Read More »

I keep getting error message "Print spooler service is not running", help?

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Servicessingle click on Print Spooler to highlight it, then right-click and hit Properties.The General tab should indicate file locatio... Read More »