I keep getting this message. is it a virus and how do i get rid of it ?

Answer My IE and Firefox ganna too. But Chrome no issue.Can Someone call the CEO of Singtel? This is disruption to work and will cause our GDP to fall!Btw, how can they send pop-up messages to us without ... Read More »

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Can Virus or Spyware infect PC just if you click on Reply to a Message sent to you on FB?

YES, It's just like any other page you may go to on the net. One thing the other two aren't thinking about,Scripts, If the page has an infected script running on it, YOUR computer can get infected ... Read More »

Is it safe to download and open binary files with warning message about virus?

i think their must have still photo take option.if their have burst option click it.

What kind of virus shows up as a virus scanner that has detected a virus? is classified as a rogue. Info here to remove it.

I received a message from Information Technology Services. ITS ask me my email password. is this real message?

if you ever receive a email or a link asking you to either sign in or send them your email address or password it is fake they will take your details and steal your money or use your home address f... Read More »