I keep getting this error message...?

Answer It would have been helpful to know which Windows OS version your are using and at what update level. Also, the actual program you are attempting to run.Has this program ever run successfully on yo... Read More »

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I keep getting error message "Print spooler service is not running", help?

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Servicessingle click on Print Spooler to highlight it, then right-click and hit Properties.The General tab should indicate file locatio... Read More »

I keep getting the following error message: page requested not found ...check the url. what should i do and?

URL is the address of a web site eg: are probably typing in a URL that dosent exist - thus page requested not found.Type in the correct URL.

I keep getting an error message saying the computer cannot communicate with scanner (Canon MP210 All in One)?

unplug it-plug back in-check all connectionsif still no joy reinstall software-or 2 a new locationif wireless 9-10 its batteries

ITouch help! I keep getting the "This video can't be played on this iPod" error, anyone know to deal with this?

Hey MC.Yep, you need to convert your videos. I recommend that you download the latest version, but you can try it with your current one. All you need to do is click the video and go up to the tab m... Read More »