I keep getting lock jaw, advice?

Answer There's really not much you can do. Suck on ice, take ibuprophen or tylenol, and tough it out.There are dentists out there that will work with you to figure out a payment plan if you don't have de... Read More »

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Mortgage Rate Lock Advice?

Mortgage interest rates change constantly to reflect lending conditions in the mortgage market. This makes timing important when you are shopping for a mortgage. Choosing a combination of low inter... Read More »

Help! I locked myself out of my bedroom. And we dont have a key. How can I pick the lock Any advice?

well breaking the knob is one way...not the bestif it had a small hole theres two ways to open thoseone is a pin that you push in, the other is a small screw that will be able to turn with a small,... Read More »

How to Give People Advice and Make Them Think It's Good Advice?

At some point in your life, you will be confronted with a situation where someone comes to you looking for advice. If completely clueless or indifferent to the other person's emotional needs, follo... Read More »

I am always forgetting to lock my locker after I leave school. Where can I find a fingerprint-scanning lock?

fingerprint scanner or not, it won't lock itself.