I keep getting annoying popups... how do i get rid of them?

Answer Use the pop up blocker. Hit tools on your internet tool bar, and block those pop ups.

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Windows XP has annoying balloons that keep appearing, how do I get rid of them!?

Hiya MrBill,The registry needs to have an addition and setting. If you download Tweak UI for Windows XP and click on the TASKBAR option, the first thing you see is a check box labeled ENABLE BALLO... Read More »

Synthetic Wigs & How to Keep Them From Getting Kinky?

The fibers used to make synthetic wigs can be very realistic-looking unless the wig becomes tangled and kinky -- a common problem with these hairpieces. It is usually the ends of the wig that will ... Read More »

I keep getting all of these weird and perverted pop ups on my computer. how do i take them off?

Do a virus scan first. Another option is to go to and click on free services. There is a feature called "house call" which is free and is a very comprehensive virus and spywar... Read More »

Cats keep using my garden as their public toilets. How can I keep them away without hurting them Any ideas?

Go to a pet store our shop online dirt is a product you sprinkle in the soil.