I keep getting a "Low Disk Space" warning on my screen. What is causing this?

Answer Try restarting your computer. If you don't restart every so often, the cache memory in your computer, which holds temporary files, can run out of space. You can also go into your system tools under... Read More »

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How to Turn off the Low Disk Space Warning?

For all those people with 100's of programs and no disk space left. (For Windows XP)

My screen goes black after Windows XP screen. What's causing this?

Hi! First of all, there is no problem with your Windows Xp Operating System. The problem is with your Laptop's Hard Drive.It has Read Delay issues. The best way to resolve it is to replace your Har... Read More »

I keep getting random holes appearing in my clothes, what could be causing it?

I had this, it was a bra wire stuck under the drum that kept poking through and ripping holes in my clothes, or could be a bra wire that is sticking out through the bra when washing.

I have green horizontal lines on my screen, what is causing this?

There has been an issue with the LCD panels developing delamination defects...They'll have to replace the LCD panel on some units, others require either the LVDS cable and the main board if it's no... Read More »