I keep crapping in my pants What should I do?

Answer Remember to pull them down when you're on the toilet.

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What kind of medicine will keep my grandfather from crapping in the bathtub?

There's a very simple and side effect free to help with this. Peppermint oil. You can often find it in peppermint sweets (check the label) and it may be listed as natural flavouring or menthol.St... Read More »

For those of you with a pants wetting/pooping fetish, what do you do to keep it secret and such?

At least you don't leave the mess for your mom to find.I suppose we should be thankful for that.Please be sure to use HOT water and lots of Borax brand soap.

What kind of pants should I wear?

I'd try flair jeans. They fit your upper legs, but then flair out at the bottom. Or bootcut. Those ones aren't as tight as skinny jeans. They just go straight down.

Why cant some men just keep on their pants?

Mine just keep falling off, no idea why...