I keep being informed that I have a virus on my pc and it's a mess?

Answer these alerts are a malware scam,its companies telling you false information to get you to buy their product,which in itself can be infected and can actually turn your perfectlly clean p.c into a sp... Read More »

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I have 2 questions. Does lime-wire mess up your computer will you get virus.?

you won't get a virus if you keep your anti-virus program active and updated while downloading (you really should keep it active all of the time anyway) and then, before you try out whatever you do... Read More »

My computer is messed up from some virus, shouldnt it be against the law for someone to mess up my computer?

It is against the law... The problem is in finding the criminals...

Every time I go into my email you people mess it up. I dont be wrong about the password. Stop mess with my?

who are you talking to? it's not like your fellow users here at Y!A can help you with your problem

How do you get siblings to clean up their own mess when neither will admit to making the mess?

well catch them doing something bad at first like if they have a recorder and they are saying funny but bad things in it black mail them that you are gonna tell an adult and trust me they will list... Read More »