I keep being informed that I have a virus on my pc and it's a mess?

Answer these alerts are a malware scam,its companies telling you false information to get you to buy their product,which in itself can be infected and can actually turn your perfectlly clean p.c into a sp... Read More »

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I have 2 questions. Does lime-wire mess up your computer will you get virus.?

you won't get a virus if you keep your anti-virus program active and updated while downloading (you really should keep it active all of the time anyway) and then, before you try out whatever you do... Read More »

Is it true that if you keep on angering wikipedia editors they will eventually get someone to "mess you up"?

No. Physically, they're total wimps. So they settle for being as vindictive as they can be without leaving their computers.

I have a virus on my computer, what is the best firewall that i get for Free to keep my computer safe ?

●Some Useful Programs, and Online Tools:â–ªScan your computer from Viruses, and other online threats, by using these sites, via ActiveX technology. Panda Online Scanner(Virus/Spyware Scann... Read More »

How to Keep Well Informed?

Feel out of the loop? When you go to work/school, do you have no clue what people are talking about? Do you miss movies in theaters because you can't afford to spend $20 a month on flicks? Here is ... Read More »